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Regional Winners

Best Accelerator or Incubator Program


YGAP Bangladesh

YGAP Bangladesh in the largest and only for-profit accelerator company in Bangladesh. Currently we are supporting 85+ enterprises with entrepreneurs aging from 18 to 46 (40% being women), who have impacted more than 450,000 lives in Bangladesh.

Best Coworking Space

Sri Lanka

Hatch Works

Hatch a space for innovation, growth and collaboration, the center of gravity for all thing’s startup, and is the only hub in Sri Lanka providing a 360 degree solution for entrepreneurs to grow.

Best Newcomer

Sri Lanka


Niftron is a Blockchain as a Service platform that allows businesses and organizations to integrate blockchain with their products or projects easily and efficiently to improve trust by providing transparency, security and ownership.

Best Virtual Teamwork Solution & People’s Choice


Zermelo Technologies

Zermelo Technologies offers a wide range of services including software consulting services, development services and software maintenance services, that deliver real business value,solve problems,join organizations together and enable digital transformation and business change.

Ecosystem Hero of the Year

Sri Lanka

Nevindaree Premarathne

Currently, running the government incubator/accelerator “Spiralation”, Disrupt Asia – Sri Lanka’s Premier Startup Conference and StartupSL initiative – the single largest online platform for technology startups in Sri Lanka.

Founder of the Year


Supriya Paul

Josh is an ecosystem which gives youth in India, from low-income households, access to role models through ‘Josh Talks’, equips them with the right skills to succeed in life through ‘Josh Skills’ and stands with them through the entire journey of doing more and being more.

Investor of the Year


Team Ventures

Team Ventures is an alternative investment firm with a diversified portfolio in sectors such as merchant banking, food tech, hydropower projects, auto servicing centers, large scale agro warehousing, electric vehicles, real-estate, Nepal stock market, and solar power projects.

Startup of the Year



CamCom is a future-driven brand offering AI automation for Enterprise Quality Control. We harness computer vision and deep learning to automate quality checks across the product lifecycle using machine-vision cameras and mobile phones