How It Works

Global Startup Awards SAARC program consists of an awards framework and community talk to create an engaging region. The awards framework is carried out in two rounds. First, we hold national finale in each of the SAARC member countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Then, national winners from this round will move on to the Grand Finale held in the host country of the SAARC region for that year. This year we have India as the host country.



Our Grand Finale is a venue of absolute Celebration of Entrepreneurship – a 3-day power packed networking sessions, talks, expo, award ceremony and party. We Celebrate 7 GSA Baseline Categories, 7 GSA SAARC Vertical Categories and 7 Special Mention Categories targeting Entrepreneurs, Startups and Ecosystem Supporters, selected through a rigorous process defined by our framework involving ambassadors and jury of SAARC region.


GSA SAARC Community Talk involves a massive effort of invoking conversations under 8 Clusters like Fin Tech, Health Tech, Deep Tech, Bio Tech, Agri Tech, Edu Tech, Fashion Tech, Smart Cities and Transportation in 6+ talk hubs across SAARC with the help of our City Managers and then leading up to the Grand Finale on 2nd December, where we consolidate the conversations to make actionable insights for the corporates, govt, media etc.

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